Partners in Creating Childhood Memories
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ABC prides itself as being the ‘extended families’ to each of our ABC families. We strongly follow our motto “being partners in building values and creating cherished childhood memories” which can be the foundation for our children’s future.

Our Approach promotes an image of the rich child and recognizes them as curious and powerful learners from birth. The philosophy identifies children as active protagonists with unlimited potential who are eager to interact with and contribute to the world. We,at ABC; emphasize the importance of relationships and collaboration in learning throughout the day.

The value of participation is expressed by ‘actively engaging all the children, teachers, and parents in a community dimension that
involves exchanging information, supporting the children’s activities  and interpreting change together. Children connect and learn by interacting with other children and the environment at ABC.

The dynamics of social interaction with peers is encouraged so that collaboration with each other is essential to all aspects of learning. Through this ongoing collaborative process, negotiation,discussion and the exposure to conflicting viewpoints are encouraged and are
seen as an integral part of the educational process. Teachers are aware of each child’s potential and construct all their work and the environment of the children’s experiences, in order to respond to each child’s growing needs appropriately.

The Reggio Emilia approach is described as a ‘pedagogy of relationships’ as children learn through making connections between things,
concepts and experiences (Wurm, 2005, p.16).


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