What is the best way to build children’s language skills?

According to the study published in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, back and forth conversations between children and adults were six times more powerful than one way conversation time – which include an adult reading to a child asking questions and adding brief discussion to reading time turned the activity into a two way discussion, giving the child a chance to contribute as well.

Do you find yourself sometimes filling in sentences with an “um” or “uh”, while

You search for a word? Believe it or not, this might hold some benefits for young children. A study published in the journal developmental science shows that, when parents hesitate before sharing a word, it sends children a great signal that they are about to learn something new, while the researchers don’t suggest adding these pauses on purpose they say that the chance to predict what’s coming up can help young brains make sense of the new information.

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