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Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms

ABC's Outdoor Classrooms

Located in the playground of the school, the studio is an extension of the classroom used at various times by all the children. In this bright, warm room, children are encouraged to express their interests in a variety of creative “languages”. This dynamic environment is ever changing based on the children’s investigations.

The free moment of the children to access the atelier and work on their projects whenever the atelierista is available during the morning program is an integral part of the Reggio program.


Why The Atelier Environment?

The Atelierista at Aspirations is an Early Childhood Development teacher with a background specializing in the Visual Arts. Her role is to support teachers and work with children to develop projects summarizing learning experiences using a variety of mediums such as wire, clay, paint and recycled materials.

The Atelierista is also intimately involved in the process of documentation and is responsible for developing and maintaining the Atelier; a beautiful, useful arts space that models the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach.