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“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers”

As the city of San Diego begins to soft open,
and preschools, or childcare centers move
toward opening up, more parents will be
contemplating a common concern: Should I
send my child to school?

There is no easy answer, and what’s right for
one family might be wrong for another. there
are certain things all parents should be
considering when making a decision.
Ensuring the health and well being of our
children, families and staff remains our highest
priority. ABC is actively partnering with local
health departments ans closely monitoring the
latest updates from the Center for Disease
Control and World Health Organization to
follow their most up – to – date guidance.
ABC has developed a COVID – 19 Plan of
Action. The Plan of Action will be implemented
in our center, until the CDC and CDSS instruct
us that the spread of COVID – 19 is at a minimal
and we have finished doing our part to control
the spread.

ABC’s COVID – 19 Guidelines Are As Follows:
ABC Children’s Center Clothe Face Coverings – will be worn by staff, as recommended by the CDC.
Drop Offs/ Pick UPs – will take place in ABC Office. A staff member will escort your child, and their belongings into the classroom.
Hygiene/ Hand washing – Guided by your child’s teacher, ABC will be implementing proper hand washing techniques, multiple times a day.
Reduced Class Sizes -‘Children in each Classroom’ numbers have been reduced to allow greater social distancing between children and smaller groups throughout.
Social Distancing – your child’s teacher will be implementing social distancing throughout the day, including meal time and nap time. This will become part of ABC’s curriculum.
Frequent Cleaning and Disinfecting – ABC Staff will be working diligently at proper cleaning and sanitizing, frequently throughout the day.
Outside Play – has been limited to one classroom at a time. The playground will receive routine cleaning and sanitizing procedure in between classroom outings.

Complete website coming soon.

For more information contact us on (858) 451-1663