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12145 Alta Carmel Ct # 270, San Diego, CA 92128


A School Filled with LOVE

ABC Children’s Center located in Rancho Bernardo is a school filled with LOVE. It’s a place where learning and playing are done with love and respect. Fun activities are carefully planned to ensure learning and enhanced the skills the children have to develop, from one level to the next.

Every child at ABC is showered with love from qualified teachers and friendly peers. Love radiates from the Administrators, teachers, parents and children. Where there is LOVE, there is RESPECT followed by TRUST, PEACE, JOY and HOPE .Give and you shall receive. Share LOVE and it comes back a hundredfold.

A school filled with LOVE is very much alive, full of happy faces, having much fun. It can be seen in the faces of children as they work and play at ABC. Their needs and interest are met by teachers who care.

A school like ABC Children’s Center, caters to the needs and interest of each child. It underscores LOVE as the key to a child’s heart and head.

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For more information contact us on (858) 451-1663