Resilience in Childhood

Resilience: Resilience is the ability for a child or an adult to come back from stress, challenges, failures or trauma. Everyone undergoes Resilience in their life; it is something we can build in ourselves and in our children. In children its coming out of their comfort zone, they will be taking healthy risks and won’t fear and when they fail they will find a way to come back again. It is in the inside mind of everyone the way it is used  may differ. It’s kind of a personal process and the outcome will be different for everyone.

There are many factors influencing the children’s resilience like the relationship between the kid and the parent in each step of their life, learning from siblings success and believing that “I have a person to go for my problems” (as per the video Coping with Early Adversity and How Resilience is Built)  In the current world the children have the opportunity to move with people from different culture in neighborhoods, community parks and in schools which gives great exposure for the kids to hear and experience  positive things which motivates and helps the child to build the resilience. As explained in video “Coping with Early Adversity and How Resilience is Built” Child can undergo through many negative experience but as a parent, or a community member, or as a teacher everyone can weigh in and help the child to balance those negative experience with positive factors.

In my personal experience I always take my kids to Temple often as per my culture, sometimes being in a positive environment and getting those positive vibes from temple or any talking with anyone or friends will help in easing the mind from any disturbance. So I believe as a community, as a friend, or as a human being we need to support these kids in some way because it was shocking to hear from the video Ted Talks from Nadine Burke Harris on How Childhood Trauma Affects Health across a Lifetime that how children’s health is affected and how it is dangerous.

As an early childhood educator few ways that I can think of for helping children to build resilience are; helping the kids how to deal with stress.

-Kids undergo stress everyday it may be because of a simple test, moving to a new place, bullying, lose friends, dealing with death or divorce of an family members, many factors can affect the kids so if there is a strong emotional connection and openness with teacher they can share their feelings with care taker and as a care taker it is our responsibility to provide them with appropriate information “ you will want to continue to establish open communication so that when stresses and challenges arise, you understand the wishes of the family concerning what to tell the child.

-Building confidence is an very important to foster Resilience, when the children understands that they are capable of doing things they can figure for themselves for healthy solutions for an problem and also advising the kids to reach out of help is important “we also want to model for children how to ask for help’

-Also another important thing is teaching children to stand up for Bullies, because many children are facing bullying and afraid to talk about it which affects the child’s personal life so as a care taker we must advise that  it is okay to reach out to teacher for help.

-Brainstorming the kids to come up with an idea as a team will help the kids to work with other class mates and know other kids better and becoming friends. It will develop children problem solving skills which is essential for building resilience.

-Staying healthy with enough sleep and nutrition our body will produce positive energy and positive attitude to other people.

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