Noticing  Spring @ ABC Children’s Center!

Monday showers make ABC kids grow and bloom like flowers. Children love the rain, listening to the pitter- patter that it makes, watching the raindrops like snowflakes as they touch the plants, flowers, leaves, grass and ground. Slowly puddles form on the ground. Kids cannot wait to step on them and make a big a splash.

They run around the garden where plants look so fresh with their blooms of lovely colors.

What a sight to see the ABC kids explore the plants, the wet grass and visit the chicken in their coop. Water is always an exciting thing to explore especially after the rain. They get so amused that they don’t come if their all the shoes get wet. The teacher  have created a teaching moment to experience where the rain comes from. ABC kids play and learn at the same time.

The Preschool looks fresh and neat with arms wide open to welcome the kids. The growing bushes and flowering plants are happy to see the children playing and running around the playground with complete freedom and confidence.

The classrooms are structured with learning materials that stimulate one’s thinking and creativity. The teachers are blooming with confidence and armed with knowledge to start the day, another learning encounter with the kids.

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